Working with Kellie is such a pleasure! The passion she brings to sharing strengths development with others is contagious.  After I took the assessment and introduction class, I could not wait to attend the next sessions and keep learning more! A strength learning session with Kellie is like a personal hype session. The learning sessions provide space for all to discover their greatest potential when they apply their strengths while connecting with the understanding of the strengths of others. With Kellie’s facilitation, I felt a deep and meaningful connection with others, being able to relate to and celebrate each other. Kellie has a natural talent for leading groups in discussion and she shares creative ways for participants to discover their best self. She has the ability to make the sessions equally fun and enlightening. Kellie is always encouraging others to lead with their strengths. In my opinion, Kellie is the ideal strengths coach!  – Jordan M.

Passion for strengths development is contagious.

Kellie has a wonderful and contagious energy that keeps you engage. Let’s face it, there is a lot of information shared in each session so the coaches’ energy and ability to connect the content with real examples on the spot is key. I personally had a lot of fun while learning so much about myself. Kellie is very approachable too which made me feel welcome and comfortable to ask as many questions as I did. – Sofia V.

Contagious energy that keeps you engaged.

Kellie was able to provide a great assessment of my team, their strengths, and how we can work efficiently with each other based on our new language around the Strengthsfinder survey. Kellie was very thorough with her prep, the workshop, and follow-up to see if we were using our new vocabulary. I would recommend her services to any team that is looking to learn how to work with each other based on individual strengths to support the team goals. – Chris W.

Great team workshop